Product Detail

JTlink5000P CAT6 CBRS Small Cell eNB

Product Details
Mode JT5000P 3GPP Release11 Category 6
Frequency B42/B43 or CBRS B48

JTLink5000P is a highly integrated CAT6 small cell base station with all-in-one packaging of RF andbase-band components. it includes integrated Quad receiver and transmitter tosupport two channel MIMO and Carrier Aggregation. It is available as an all indoor solutionfor CBRS applications to minimize physical footprint and operator expense.

The unit isdesigned with integrated high gain sector antenna to achieve maximumperformance and compactness and reduce system cost. The unit radio can operate CBRS (3.5GHz) bands simultaneously with up to 230Mbps throughput.

The unique form factor of JTLink5000P securesthe investment of the operator and minimizes the OPEX and CAPEX, while offeringcapabilities such as MIMO and advanced Frequency Domain Scheduling. These capabilities enable higher throughput, range, and capacity with more efficientuse of the spectrum. JTLink5000P is interoperable with end devices of all form factors, based on all leading chips.It is also interoperable with various core network solutions.

JTLink5000P has a rich interoperable device offering with core networks and third-party end user devices including various indoor and outdoor CPEs.

JTLink5000P small-cell base station operate as part of an open, standards based eco-system that allows our customers to choose best-of-breed components; from standard LTE CPEs to EPC. The unit is designed to support large fixed deployments, offering asimpler and more cost effective solution for operators that are interested ininitially rolling-out fixed or nomadic services.

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