Product Detail

CBRS B48 CAT15 LTE-A Pro outdoor CPE CBSD Part96 Category B

Product Details
Mode JT8500D/H 3GPP 3GPP Release12,Category 15
Frequency B48 (3.55-3.70GHz) Management FTP, HTTP,HTTPS and TR-069

JT8500D/H is the LTE-A Pro CAT15 outdoor data unit specially designed to meet the high speed wireless backhaul and fixed wireless access deployments by the 4G service operators. JT8500D/H can provide Gigabit PoE connection to connect user terminal device such as indoor router or Wi-Fi AP products, They are used for the customer's home or office to provide a larger wireless range and enhance mobility of usage.

JT8500D/H MTBF time is expected to be above 80,000 hours, It can provide up to 600Mbps max throughput over the air. The typical coverage should be more than 15km with reasonable good throughput performance.

JT8500D/H can communicate with SAS system separately, No need to attach to special eNB domain proxy system.

JT8500D/H had been certified by FCC Part96 CBSD-CPE Category B Devices, FCC IDENTIFIER : 2AU2O-JT8500D-8500H

Radio Access

3GPP Release 12, CAT15

Operation Mode

8Rx/4Rx, 2Tx, DL 4*4 MIMO


DL 2CA (4x4 MIMO 64 QAM);

DL 4CA (2x2 MIMO 256QAM);

UL 2CA(64QAM);


DL 2x2 MIMO (4CA);

DL 4x4 MIMO (2CA);

UL 2x2 MIMO;

Output Power

23dBm per Tx

Frequency Band

B48 3550-3700MHz

Antenna Gain

13dBi (4 antenna , JT8500D)

17dBi (2 antenna , JT8500H)

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JT8500D&H LTE-A Pro CAT15 Outdoor CPE Datasheet.pdf