Product Detail

450MHz LTE Outdoor CPE B31/87/88

Product Details
Mode JT6100D 3GPP 3GPP LTE Release9 CAT4
Frequency B31/87/88 Management FTP, HTTP,HTTPS and TR-069

JT6100D is a cost effective and high performance 410/430/450/470MHz FDD LTE outdoor CPE designed to enable quick LTE fixed data service deployment to the remote customers. It provides high data throughput and advanced networking features to end users who need both bandwidth and quality service in the remote area.

Feature Highlights

 Cost effective & compact design with built-in LTE MIMO antennas.

 Compliant to 3GPP LTE Release 9

 Advanced 2x2 MIMO and UL QAM64 support (CAT4)

 Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 & IPv6 and Multiple PDN support

 USIM card authentication support

 Secure Telnet, FTP, HTTP and TR069 OTA management support

 48V PoE power supply and pole or wall mounting support

JATONTEC 6100D also has built-in router function and VPN (PPTP, L2TP, GRE) client support to provide greater service flexibility and reliability. The standard PoE support, easytoread signal strength and data activity indicators in the back panel make it intuitive for users to install and check the status of the device.


Power : DC 48V/0.5A   PoE <15W

Weight : <2.5Kg

Dimensions : 250mm(L) * 250mm(W) * 75mm(D)

Environment : Operating Temperature, -40~55. Humidity, 95% max Non-condensing

Water Protection : IP 67


Radio Access : 3GPP LTE Release 9, Category 5

Operation Mode : FDD B31/B87/B88

Frequency Band : Band31 452.5-457.5MHz / 462.5-467.5MHz
                                        Band87 410-415MHz / 420-425MHz
                                        Band88 412-417MHz / 422-427MHz

Channel BW : 5/10/20MHz

MIMO Support : 2Rx, 1TxD, DL 2*2 MIMO, Optional UL QAM64

Max Tx Power : 23dBm

Antenna Gain : 12 dBi (2X2 MIMO External)


Data Interface : 1 RJ45 10/100 ETH Port

LED Indicator : PWR, SYS, NET, SIM, ETH, RF (5 Signal intensity LEDs)

SIM Card : Single SIM card slot (2FF)